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So we got shut down... allegedly for violating the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

We had two rules on our server:

1. Abide by the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

2. Be over the age of 18.

EVERY TEXT CHANNEL on The Rabbit Hole was flagged NSFW. Somehow, the content posted by a user ended up getting an entire server of 700+ users banned. We were gaining an average of 100 users a week.

We all know why this happened, and how this happened... It is not news to anyone in the community. We are all former members of MK Ultra, run by Chad (ChaddyDaddy,) before he senselessly deleted the server.

We all know Chad is with us right now, he has followed us, and his old users onto every server they have joined, violated the terms of service on a few alt accounts, and reported it to Discord.

We ask Discord how a server administrator can be responsible for posts made by the Chads of the world, who have unhealthy obsessions with people who don't want to be around them.

This is not the first, tenth, or the last server that will be shutdown by this person...

This has only made us stronger, more unified, and more prepared for his next bout!

So bring it on Chad! :)

Karma will have it's day with you.

The Revolution has begun...

Khal Dominicus

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